Learn what Dr. Louis Hamper’s colleagues have to say about him:

“He’s an outstanding physician. He’s done research that has affected the lives of children throughout the world.”

– Linda Arnold, MD

Yale Pediatric Emergency Medicine & Faculty of Yale University School of Medicine

“Instantly we knew he was an incredible physician, very talented, very good with parents. Lou was very kind.”

– Stephanie-Haley Andrews RN

“He certainly didn’t have to go to Africa. For Lou it was altruistic, his sense that, “I’m highly trained, I want to give back.”

– Robert Kaplan

“Teaching skills, his interest in advocacy, making a difference for children and families. Across the board, he is absolutely extraordinary.”

– Steven Krug MD

“Lou is a very engaging and energetic individual. He always works at warp speed.”

– Ethan Wiener, MD

“He’s an extraordinary guy whose being recognized to serve in a position where mostly more senior people are sitting at the table.”

– Stephen E. Krug MD

Professor of Pediatrics Northwestern University Head, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Children‘s Memorial Hospital

“What many people do is finish the long day and crash in bed but what Lou would do is finish the long day and then trudge off to the library to pull up articles to teach the team the following day. And he really put a lot of time and effort into making sure that we’re under him and he was responsible for learned something from every patient that they saw.”

– Linda D. Arnold MD
Yale Pediatric Emergency Medicine & Faculty of Yale University School of Medicine

He actually did some of the first work showing that providing interpretive services actually improves care in the pediatric ED and also reduces cost. If you go to the literature I’m sure that he’s cited hundreds of times for that work.”

– Elizabeth A. Jacobs MD
Associate Vice Chair of Health Services ResearchAssociate Professor, University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine