Assessment of Long-Term Outcomes Among Drug-Dependent Women

An Assessment of Long-Term Outcomes Among Drug-Dependent Women by Dr. Louis Hampers Many of the most marginalized women of our society suffer from a severe substance abuse addiction. Substance addiction does not happen in a silo; it frequently comes from trauma, abusive family environment, and co-occurring mental illness. It can lead to criminal behavior and […]

Professional Journey

Dr. Louis Hampers Accomplishments

I wanted to be a doctor ever since I could remember.  My father was a kidney specialist.  I admired everything about the way he practiced his profession: the intellect, the seriousness, the nobility of sacrifice for others, his unrelenting work ethic, and the respect and deference afforded him.  Did he “pressure” me into medicine?  He […]

How Addiction Affects Behavior and Judgement

Dr. Hampers

Being an addict wasn’t fun and it wasn’t glamorous; it was mostly terrifying. Being in recovery means looking back and having to come to terms with a lot of behaviors that I don’t recognize as myself. The reason was that I wasn’t myself. Addiction focuses your mind on getting the drug and not getting caught.  […]

Why I Share My Journey Through Addiction and Recovery

Louis Hampers Dever Addition

Today I am “in recovery,” but not “recovered” from my addiction.  Yes, for years my chemical abstinence has been and will be monitored and verified by hundreds of negative urine tests as well as hair, blood, and fingernail tests administered by the Medical Board.  But real recovery involves a constant battle to overcome old compulsions, […]